Holy and Great Council

The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church is in session on Crete from Orthodox Pentecost and the during the following week. Here are some information about the pan-orthodox council:

Official site of the council: https://www.holycouncil.org/

Official versions of preconciliar documents: https://www.holycouncil.org/preconciliar-documents

Message of the council: https://www.holycouncil.org/-/message

Encyclical of the council: https://www.holycouncil.org/-/encyclical-holy-council

Official documents of the council: https://www.holycouncil.org/official-documents

News bulletins from the council: https://www.holycouncil.org/news/bulletins

Videos of the daily press briefings from the council: https://www.holycouncil.org/video

Press office of the council: https://www.orthodoxcouncil.org/

Coverage of the council by The Wheel (including summaries of press briefings): http://www.wheeljournal.com/council/

The preconciliar acts and documents (including the official periodical Synodica): http://www.apostoliki-diakonia.gr/gr_main/dialogos/

Site of the secretariat for the preparation of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church: https://sites.google.com/site/centreorthodoxe/saint-et-grand-concile


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