David Heith-Stade

I am a translator and researcher.

I hold a doctorate in practical theology (2015) from Lund University and a master’s degree in theology (2009) and a bachelor’s degree in religious studies (2010) from Uppsala University, Sweden.

I am also the vice secretary of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches (Vienna).

My main research interests are canon law, Eastern Christian studies, liturgical studies, historical theology, legal history, and philosophy of law.


Publications and papers


Heith-Stade, David. The Rudder of the Church: A Study of the Theory of Canon Law in the Pedalion. Doctoral Dissertation. Lund University, 2014.

Heith-Stade, David. Marriage as the Arena of Salvation: An Ecclesiological Study of the Marital Regulation in the Canons of the Council in Trullo. Rollinsford, New Hampshire: Orthodox Research Institute, 2011.


Heith-Stade, David. “Eastern Orthodox Canon Law and non-Orthodox Persons.” Ostkirchliche Studien 65 (2016): 315-333.

Heith-Stade, David. “Canon and Oikonomia: A Typology of Normativity and Exceptions in Canon Law.” Kanon 24: Oikonomia, Dispensatio and Aequitas Canonica (2016): 52-60

Heith-Stade, David. “The Title of Ordination in Eastern Orthodox Canon Law.” ТЕОЛОГИКОН 4 (2015): 168-172.

Heith-Stade, David. “Free Will and the Human Act in Seventeenth Century Eastern Orthodox Theology.” Studia Theologica 65:2 (2011): 134-145.

Heith-Stade, David. “Eastern Orthodox Ecclesiologies in the Era of Confessionalism.” Theoforum 41:3 (2010): 373-385.

Heith-Stade, David. “Receiving the non-Orthodox: A Historical Study of Greek Orthodox Canon Law.” Studia Canonica 44:2 (2010): 399-426.

Heith-Stade, David. “Receiving Converts in the Orthodox Church: A Historical-Analytical Study of Eighteenth Century Greek Canon Law.” Ostkirchliche Studien 59 (2010): 99-110.

Heith-Stade, David. “Marriage in the Canons of the Council in Trullo.” Studia Theologica 64:1 (2010): 4-21.

Chapters in books

Heith-Stade, David. “Den gudomliga liturgins editionshistoria” in Chrysostomosliturgin: förda anteckningar, 146-151, ed. M. Sundkvist. Helsinki: Stiftelsen för Finlands ortodoxa kulturcentrum, 2014.

Conference papers

Heith-Stade, David. “Canon and Oikonomia: A Typology for Normativity and Exceptions in Canon Law.” Conference: Oikonomia, Dispensatio, and Aequitas in the Life of the Church, Thessaloniki, September 9 to 15, 2015. Organizer: Gesellschaft für das Recht der Ostkirchen.

Heith-Stade, David. “Is there a Consensus Canonum?” Conference: Orthodox Canonical Tradition and Contemporary Challenges, Volos, May 9 to 11, 2014. Organizer: Volos Academy for Theological Studies.

Heith-Stade, David. “Eastern Orthodox Canon Law and non-Orthodox Persons.” Conference: The Orthodox and the Other, Oslo, December 12 to 15, 2013. Organizer: Norwegian Center for Human Rights.

Heith-Stade, David. “Rättsteologi och politisk teologi.” Conference: Världsåskådning, rätt och demokrati, Lund, September 18, 2013. Organizer: Center for Theology and Religious Studies.


Heith-Stade, David. “Review: Melloni, Alberto, ed. The Great Councils of the Orthodox Churches.” Medievo Greco 17 (2017): 513-514.

Heith-Stade, David. “Review: Humphreys, Michael T. G. Law, Power, and Imperial Ideology in the Iconoclast Era, c. 680-850.” Medievo Greco 16 (2016): 475-476

Heith-Stade, David. “Review: Papademetriou, Tom. Render unto the Sultan: Power, Authority, and the Greek Orthodox Church in the Early Ottoman Centuries.” Medievo Greco 16 (2016): 512-513.

Heith-Stade, David. “Recension: Wagschal, David. Law and Legality in the Greek East: The Byzantine Canonical Tradition, 381-883.” Svensk teologisk kvartaltidskrift 19:1-2 (2015): 76-77.


Biskop Sarapion av Thmuis böner. Översättning: David Heith-Stade. Skellfteå: Artos och Norma, 2013.

Alfejev, Hilarion. Trons mysterium: En introduktion till ortodoxa kyrkans troslära och andlighet. Översättning: David Heith-Stade. Skellfteå: Artos och Norma, 2010.



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